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I’m drunk. I’m at the greasy-pizza-and-hope-there’s-no-hangover stage. It’s not a bad thing. Tonight it’s released me from the gnawing hole in my solar plexus that you put there. I’ve just flown 3000 miles across the country away from the man I love; away from the one person who fills my soul with the sheer joy of life itself. It wasn’t easy stepping on that plane. And probably not wise, in light of our final night together. Interesting how the night is the witching hour. The whole world goes into hang-time during those hours. That’s why it’s my favorite. No obligations, no outside white noise; just the real, honest, raw, naked and perhaps vulnerable me. And maybe the vulnerable you as well. Do you have any idea how euphoric I felt this weekend? How happy you made me? How at peace I was for the first time in an eternity. You have my heart like no other has had before. When I am with you it almost bursts into flame for its inability to express the depth of my emotion for you. Which brings me to our last night together. I’m not sure how we unraveled so quickly. I suspect it’s just the growing pains of getting to know each other on such an intimate level. No, scratch that. I know it’s because you’re a hopeless alcoholic and you’d had that one drink too many.....

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  • Written by: Joyce Storey

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This is an excerpt/preview from the monologue. You will be able to download once purchased.
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