Yesterday was the worst day ever. You know how broke I am, right? Well I got this brainwave to sell off my old books and CDs to make some extra money. I’ve heard other people talk about doing it on eBay. So I drag out all my books, which I really shouldn’t be carrying, put them in a paper bag and go to work. Then after work I haul them all the way down to Strand Book Store only it rains on the way. Who knew we’d have a flash flood on the one day I want to sell my books? So I’m juggling these books with the busted bag and I finally get to Strand and the guy is a real jerk. Says they don’t buy books after four. I just lost it. I started screaming at him. I don’t know why. He just got to me. He was really rude and I told him I’d dragged them all over the city and I was broke because my parents told me to put my NYU education on my credit cards and I can’t pay them off in a million years. And he still refused to buy them. I said, “Fine, then just take them for free.” And he wouldn’t even do that. Said it’s against store policy. Well, that sent me over the deep end. I gathered up my books and I stomped out screaming like a lunatic that I shouldn’t be carrying them anyway and he’s the meanest person ever and I’ve probably hurt myself because.....

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  • Written by: Joyce Storey

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This is an excerpt/preview from the monologue. You will be able to download once purchased.
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