Teenage Actor Resumes

A teenage resume is a work in progress, as is the entire career of any actor. It’s okay if you don’t have a lot of credits yet. You are building your career one brick at a time. It is important, however, that you have a professional looking resume so casting directors and agents know that you are savvy about the business and you have done your homework. Go online and look up other actors’ resumes. You’ll see that they are not the same as “real world” resumes. They do not include a paragraph with your job description and duties. These things aren’t important in the acting business. What is important is that the person who is reading your resume can pick up all the pertinent information at a glance. You want go into the audition and perform two amazing contrasting monologues, but you may not get the opportunity to be seen if your resume submission is weak.

The top center of your resume should clearly state your name, contact information and any union affiliations. Don’t worry if you are not in any unions. Sometimes that is to your advantage. On the left hand side, state your height, weight (optional), hair and eye color. Do not put your age. You will be in an age range category and you don’t want to limit your possibilities. Then comes the bulk of your resume. The header should state whether it is television, film or theater. Then you create lists. There are three columns. The far left column is the name of the show, middle column is the role you played and the right hand column states the production company and/or director. You may have several sections to your resume. If the first section is theater, the next may be film and TV. Do not list extra or background work on your resume, only speaking roles. For commercial work, write: conflicts upon request. You do not need to list commercials individually, unless you have a high profile one running. The bottom of your resume has a section for your training and the last section is your special skills. This section is important. If you are an expert juggler or you burp on demand, it can book you the job – really. Take time creating your resume and if you can, have an agent or manager help you with it. It is your calling card. Good luck!