016: Monolodge – Honing Your Work With Ishan Edwards & Drego Moore

016: Monolodge – Honing Your Work With Ishan Edwards & Drego Moore

2019-03-23T16:06:32-05:00March 11th, 2019|

Ishan Edwards and Drego Moore are two of the most collaborative and giving people in the industry. Together they launched MONOLODGE in 2011 and haven’t looked back.

MONOLODGE is a live theatre experience, showcasing actors performing monologues in a nightclub lounge for an audience of actors and professionals in New York City.

A grassroots movement, MONOLODGE is an arts initiative that follows its own instincts; living, breathing, and sharing a pulse with the actors at the heart of the city in which it was born.  It exists in service to the craft of acting and as an entertainment experience for audiences of all ages cultures and interests.  It endeavors to be an effective partner, educational tool and change agent.

At MONOLODGE the actor is at home to work on their craft and share their individual talents in a safe space; connecting with an audience free of harsh judgment and negative critique.

You can learn more about the Monolodge at: Monolodge.com

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