010: Lisa Gold – Best Biz Tips in the Biz!

010: Lisa Gold – Best Biz Tips in the Biz!

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Today’s guest is the dynamic Lisa Gold. Lisa is President of Act Outside the Box – Enlightened Business Training for Actors Committed to an Extraordinary Career. She is also a Partner of Actors Connection, New York City’s #1 Networking and Educational studio for Professional Actors.

She has been a professional actress for over 35 years and has relationships with hundreds of casting directors and agents through her businesses. Lisa’s background on both sides of the biz makes her an EXPERT in the area of marketing for actors.

For Act Outside the Box (Act as in ACTION) Lisa has created seminars, weekend workshops, and industry networking social events offline as well as a host of courses and blog posts with tons of free info and exercises online, all created to further the pro-active actor’s career.

Known for her signature course, “How to Get and Keep an Agent”, she has helped thousands of actors get representation by understanding: their place in the overcrowded marketplace, the money, where their talent fits in, and how to “promote” what they uniquely have to offer.

Working with Lisa makes a difference in your business as a professional actor and can be accomplished via her membership site: YourTalentAgent.com, and through one-on-one private coaching.

You can find out more about Lisa at ActOutsideTheBox.com

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